Moosa Welfare Trust

Future Projects

Currently we need

We need 5 to 6 more class room for separate courses because right now we have just 2 rooms one for lecture and other for computer practice but we are using that room  for also  lecture purpose too. We have space at our regional office we can make room but we are unable to build it due to lack of funding.

Around more than 100 students are at waiting list for Social Science courses & others courses. We will also offer 50 different Engineering & Medical skills courses but currently we can not offer just because of limited space.

We have more than 150 students of Social Science different diploma courses these courses are job oriented skills courses. More than 50 students in different Computers Skills Courses also job skills courses. Around 40 students in English  & German Language courses & more than 40 students in how to teach courses.We offer only Research based courses for betterment of skills

We want financial support for making some rooms and others furniture for our free institute it will be useful for more Shia Muslims.

We have virtual affiliation from Karachi University for future courses and degree program but we are unable to pay first time registration charges for affiliation it’s around 150000.

We will convert our all diploma courses to degree programs after affiliation with Karachi University. it will be when we have separate institute or building at our regional office.

Estimated donation required

For Karachi University Affiliation                                   1, 50000 Rs

For constrictions 5 rooms with furniture                        4, 50000 Rs

Equipments for skills courses                                          50000 Rs


TOTAL;                                                                       6, 50000

After that working we will start MBA M.Phil & PhD Program ( Social & Management Sciences )